1. Our Porters: Meet Enjoy Kili’s Porters: These are indeed one of; if not the most important
people in the crew. We have built each other on aspects of Hospitality, Efficiency, and Support.
Our responsibility is to make sure we get all the needs and essentials delivered on time at every
camp. We further assist our clients with bags and all the camping gears. A common name used
to describe us is “Wagumu” a Swahili word which means the hard and tough people. As Part of
Enjoy Kili Family, it is our pleasure to see you starting up your Kilimanjaro adventure safely and
successfully and even more to see you summit healthily and happy. This VIP Unit is under the
leadership of Mr. Paulo Edward famous by his common name “Piddy”; a husband and a father of
2 brilliant children. He has been working with our Director (David) in Mountain Hiking for 8 years

The story of Enjoy Kili is highly inspired by this man! His contribution towards Enjoy Kili will
never be forgotten. He is the founder of the name “Enjoy Kili”, and its coming from his greeting
‘Enjoy Kili my friend’; when hiking with us, every day Piddy in service to you, will serve you with
his hospitable quote “ENYOY KILI”. That aspired the name of the company to be after that
simple but charming word. Piddy is working side by side with Mr. Moses Chiwanga; an
appointed leader for Enjoy Kili Porters.

Moses has been working as a porter since 2006, He is a
father of 5 and a grandfather to 4 grandchildren; despite of his age; his diligence towards
accomplishing of every mountain journey is magnificent.

Our Guides: We have special trained and experienced professional mountaineers certified
under Government’s license. Professionalism, Passion, Flexibility, Strength, and Performance are
among the basics Enjoy Kili consider while hiring Guides; From Mount Kilimanjaro to Game
safaris, Zanzibar holiday vacation, Cultural and Day Tours all the way to Historical Sites; having a
great guide makes your adventure worth your time, money and experience. Enjoy Kili guides are
here to make sure you have the best of Tanzania adventures. Enjoy Kili to date has over 10
mountain guides assessed and proved to be eligible for Mountain guiding and 7 other guides for
game drive, holiday vacations and Cultural excursions. 

Accounts & Finance: Meet Bernard Matari, Our Accountant and Finance personnel. A graduate
from Moshi Cooperative University, Holds Bachelor degree in Business Economics and
Accounts. While planning your adventure with Enjoy Kili, Ben is here to make sure your finances
go exactly where its primary objective is. From planning, advance payments for services,
Government tax payments and salaries for enjoy Kili workers, Ben is the guy who makes all in
order. While the rest of the team is at the mountain or cruising the wilderness, Our Accounts
and finance desk is there to make sure all the financial issues and payments are due in time.
Enjoy Kili Finance departments believes in valuing the payments proportionally to the adventure.It is indeed one of the most trustful and hardworking department of this corporation.

Director: David Charles Mshana; Mr. David Mshana born in 1978, is a husband and a father of 3
wonderful boys (Calvin, Collins and Clinton). David’s experience with Mt. Kilimanjaro can be
traced as far back as 1998. Since this year Mr. David has put into record more than 500 summits.
During all this time David has been very diligent and passionate in his role as Chief Guide for
Kilimanjaro and always puts forward the safety and success of his clients. Given a nickname “Mr.
Pole pole” a Swahili word mean “slow by slow” (On Kilimanjaro hiking, enhancement of
acclimatization especially to non-high altitude experts, motion is a determinant factor.
Furthermore Mr. David is a registered, and Certified Mountain Guide under License No. KG 1981
under full route guide category.

Asking Mr. David what inspired him to become a mountain guide, he responded by saying “I came from Pare Mountains, I was climbing the mountains almost my entire childhood; from water fetching to all other day to day domestic activities, and even from going to school and back home, it was all mountains. I was living in the mountains and without any direct consciousness on mountains, it shaped me into become a mountaineer. In 1994 I was in secondary school and we had a school trip to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. It was my first time to high altitude mountains, I was one of very few people who made it to Uhuru peak. Since then, the image of how beautiful the roof of Africa is has been in my mind. From that experience I made it my life ambition to become a mountain guide and help people to experience mountains experience since I was once helped to reach at the roof of Africa”.

David’s Most challenging summit was in 2004, having started the hike; they reached at west
bridge area and a massive rock falling happened, where David lost 4 of his clients and 2 porters.
That was a very sad moment David had in his entire career, and because of that incident that
route was closed due to the risk for rock falling.

(May their souls rest in peace)
Moving from the incident of 2004, that very same year David had a task to hike in Kilimanjaro
with 38 clients through Marangu route, that was the biggest number of clients he had ever
hiked with. With that group from Norway, David marked one of his biggest achievements as a
mountain guide, where; 33 clients reached the Uhuru peak, 3 clients made it up to Gilman’s point
and only 3 ended at the last camp before summit, the Kibo Huts camp.
Until this day, Mr. David is one of the most experienced and successful Mountain guides
Tanzania is lucky to have and He keeps on with “pole pole” movements to the roof of Africa.

June 2018, he witnessed one of his lifetime dreams of owning a tour company come into reality.
he is now the chief guide and one of the directors for Enjoy Kili Ltd.